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Expert insights and breakdowns of all the features you need in a web hosting services provider. 

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is a generic term that stands for businesses that offer website hosting services for other companies or individuals. There goes a lot to choosing a reliable and affordable web hosting provider because of the vast sea of options available today. That is where we can help. 

We offer unbiased reviews on web hosting services, so that choosing from a wealth of features becomes easier for you. Be it the basic elements like mailing list and cpanel integration to the different levels of support like live chat or customer care, we breakdown all the aspects carefully for you to ease things up. Obviously, you can save a lot of time and money if you knew where to start with.

Shared Hosting

This service allows one user to share a server space with other website(s) as well as other web hosting account(s). This is the most affordable option, and is best suited for websites that do not use much bandwidth resources.

Virtual Private Servers

Also known as Cloud Servers, this service allows better scalability and adaptability in using server space and resources as and when needed. This one is best suited for e-commerce sites and business that might have heavy data needs.

Dedicated Server

This service allows you to have the entire web server for your own purposes with faster performance and better security features. Although this one costs more than the other two, this is best suited for those relying a lot on online transactions.

How can we help?

Expert Research

Our team of experts researches deep into all the aspects of web hosting services to give you a better insight of what you would get when you subscribe to the offerings of your preferred provider.

Detailed Analysis

We offer both short and to-the-point reviews to elaborate and detailed assessment of the different features and functionalities you get from a web hosting provider, so that you can get started without any doubts.

Web Hosting Reviews

We break down all the plans and tiers offered by different web hosting service providers to help you get a clear understanding of the features and included options in your desired package.


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